EVolution Road has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to build a test and demonstration site for electric roads. The purpose is to gain more knowledge about electric roads and explore the potential of electric roads as a complement in a fossil-free transport system.

The installation of the electric road test site began in 2020 and the project will run until 2024.

The advantage of Electric Road Systems

Charging the vehicle while driving eliminates the need to stop to charge the batteries, which saves time. Electric roads also reduces the vehicle’s battery size significantly. This leads to advantages such as less environmental impact and lighter vehicles that allow you to carry more goods or passengers.

Other advantages of the electric roads:

– It uses existing road infrastructure.
– Energy efficiency, as the vehicles become lighter with smaller batteries.
– Electricity can be produced from a variety of sustainable sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

Test site in Southern Sweden

In the EVolution Road project, a kilometer-long electric road is implemented and tested on a road section at Getingevägen in Lund. Conductive technology allows the power to be transmitted between a rail on top of the road and the vehicle, via a pic-up installed under the vehicle. This provides an efficient power transfer from the rails to the vehicle for both propulsion and battery charging.

Two different variants of the same technology are tested – a charging rail that is placed on top of the road and a charging rail that is immersed into the road.

During the demonstration period, the Evolution Road team conducts tests and analysis that are shared with the Swedish Transport Administration. In the current phase, knowledge is obtained regarding technology, operations, usage, maintenance, environmental impact and more. The project runs for a period of five years, 2019–2024.

Map of Southern Sweden showing the location of the electric road demonstration site.
EVolution Road demonstration site, in Lund, Southern Sweden, 35 minutes by train from Copenhagen international airport.

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