Electric road test site in Lund

Commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration, a kilometer-long Electric Road test- and demonstration site is installed on Getingevägen in Lund. Work will commence in 2020 and testing will continue until 2022.

Evolution Road is one of four projects in Sweden that have been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to build an electric road system. The aim is to create more knowledge about electric roads and develop the potential for electric roads as part of a future fossil-free transport system.

The electric road is expected to have little impact on the environment and ordinary traffic. Ordinary traffic utilizes the road in a normal capacity. In the northeasterly direction, the electric road is installed in the bus lane which is served by buses.

Technology and safety
The technology is not dangerous to humans, animals or the environment. Only short parts of the rail are activated directly under the test vehicle as it passes the road. There is no voltage in front of or behind the vehicle and no other part of the road section is energized. In the project, solid safety work has been carried out in advance and it is followed up continuously.

All tests are monitored
The tests will run one week per month throughout the test period. All tests are staffed and monitored. The test bus will not run in regular traffic.

At the end of the project in 2022, the normal road will be restored.

For questions about the project please reach us at info@evolutionroad.se

Getingevägen in Lund.